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Qualified Experts

Our bricklayers are experienced in working with traditional gauged lime mortars and, in addition to what could be described as normal brickwork and re-pointing, have expertise in:

  • Cut and rubbed brickwork
  • Rubbed arch work
  • Brick repairs and conservation of historic brickwork
  • Restoration
  • Sourcing and match existing materials
  • Building walls in all the various bonds, including English, Flemish and patterned.
  • Replicating intricate designs.
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Professional Repointing

We have been offering our professional repointing service to customers throughout the sussex area for many years. Over time it’s likely your brickwork will show signs of age or be in clear need of repointing and that’s where we come in. If you fail to have repointing carried out, it can lead to long term damage and damp problems. We can repoint everything from chimneys, walls to whole properties, no job is too big or small for our team.

Some of the main benefits that repointing offers are:

  • Repairs the structural integrity of the brickwork
  • Ensures your walls are weatherproofed
  • Restores the overall appearance
  • Will help to maintain and increase the value of your property
  • Reduces ongoing brickwork maintenance

There are many benefits that repointing offers and above are just a few. For more information on our repointing service or to arrange to have one carried out, we’d be happy to assist you further.


We cover all of West Sussex

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Other Services

We can also provide stonework and flintwork services.